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Rock School

Lessons and Rates

30 MINUTE GROUP:  $15/Student
90 MINUTE ROCK BAND:  $15/Person

  • Students are encouraged to enroll for the full session.
  • Rates are based on a per lesson basis.


Sight and Sound’s Rock School is a music education and tutoring program based on the instrumentation of the modern Rock Band.  Lessons begin at a beginner level, progress to intermediate, and depending on the instrument, advanced coaching.  Once these levels of competency are achieved, the student will be encouraged to join in the Rock Band program.


Beginner:  This program starts at the very beginning and upon completion the student will have mastered basic chords, basic music theory, and some classic rock riffs.  Available as group or private lessons.

Intermediate:  This program starts where the ‘Beginner’ program let off.  Introduction of bar chords, all other fundamental chords, advanced soloing and picking, more theory and more songs!  Upon completion, the student should be proficient in all the essential elements of rock guitar.

Advanced:  For guitarists who have all the fundamentals covered but feel stuck, advanced coaching can help push their playing to the next level.


Beginner:  This program starts at the beginning and introduces basic theory, and fundamental bass techniques, with an emphasis on timing and ear training.

Intermediate:  This program focuses on walking bass patterns, standard song progressions, transposing, bass chords, and dynamics.  Melodic exercises and guitar chord recognition is also introduced.


Beginner:  Basic theory and notation, scales and finger exercises, and major chords are the starting point for this program.  A couple of classic rock songs and an introduction to synthesizers completes ‘Beginner Keyboard.’

Intermediate:  All the other fundamental chords and associated theory, standard song progressions, and more complex Rock songs, including more synthesizer appreciation and application.


Beginner:  Learn the basic beats and fills in rock music with emphasis on meter (timing), simple rudiments, and basic music theory.

Intermediate:  This program focuses on more complex rudiments, time signatures, dynamics, and ‘feel.’  Exposure to Rock, Motown, and Metal!


Vocal training and coaching will focus on breathing, pitch control, warm-up exercises, range, articulation, and above all, performance.  Backing tracks are used to give the student a fully produced presentation of their performance.  Available as private and group lessons.

Rock Band

The premise of Rock Band is to match abilities within peer groups to learn how to blend individual instruments together to create music.  Whether you have just finished our Rock School program or are playing alone at home, Rock Band is your opportunity to progress on your instrument and connect with other musicians to ‘Rock on’!