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Sight & Sound's mission is to offer customers in Northern BC reputable, brand-name products, great service, competitive prices, and to be an excellent corporate citizen.


Sight & Sound Anniversary Guitars

These beautiful Yamaha guitars have been painted by renowned artist Mark Hart from Hart Designs!

Mark is a world class artist that began his career painting a goalie mask for local goalie Wade Flaherty who was drafted into the NHL in 1988. This led to a huge demand for his work throughout the NHL as well as many other sports. Mark is still painting masks for Goalie's in the NHL today. You can check out Marks work here at the Hart Designs official website!

Sight & Sound celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. I had the idea that I would like to commemorate this milestone by having Mark custom paint a guitar. This discussion with Mark started in 2012 and we had finally gotten together in May of 2015. We chose Yamaha Canada as the supplier of the guitars due to our long standing relationship with them, and they were kind enough to donate these instruments to this project.
The graphics on the guitars are things that have been part of the store since the beginning in 1962:

  • The store used to be known as "Terrace Photo"
  • The cartoon of the vulture was an original part of the graphic
  • The VW bug was a staple here in the 90's
  • Sam the Sax man is one of our air inflatable's that we still use
  • Our huge bass guitar "Big Bertha" is still on display here at Sight & Sound
  • Our Sight & Sound 50th Anniversary logo
  • Plus much much more.
Most of the above things listed involved Gord McConnell, our general manager during these years. These things are dear to him. We call Gord "Terrace's oldest teenager".
One of the guitars is on display here at Keith Ave Terrace, and the other guitar was presented to Gord as a keep sake.

Tony deMelo
General Manager
Skeena Sight & Sound Ltd.