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    The Spirit of Rock & Roll since 1946

    Iconic Fender® instruments such as the Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars are known worldwide as the instruments that started the rock revolution, and they continue to be highly prized by today’s musicians and collectors.

    The Sound That Creates Legends

    Legends such as Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Randy Bachman, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dick Dale, Johnny Marr and Joe Strummer all wrote some of their greatest hits on Fender guitars, while modern masters like Simon Neil, Tim Armstrong, Jimmy Smith of Foals, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, and Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World strap in and rock out with these incredible instruments.

    You Can Play Anything On A Fender

    Rock, blues, jazz, country, punk, metal, any genre, sub-genre, shade or combination of them. If it's in your head, your heart, and your hands, there's no other instrument better to bring it to life.

    Electric Guitars

    Fender electric guitars know no musical boundaries, used as they are (and always have been) to fuel boundless creativity in those who play them regardless of genre. Fender electric guitars have proven their immense worth over time across the musical spectrum, whether it be on a classic rock song, a blues song, a metal song, a punk song, an indie pop song, a country song, an R&B song, a funk song, a jazz song, an Americana song, a Latin song, and just about any other genre conceivable.

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    Electric Bass

    In the world of bass guitars, there's just no substitute for the luthier that started it all. When Leo Fender created the first Precision Bass prototype in 1950, he made music history - and after it went public the year after that, the P-Bass was quick to become a fixture on stages everywhere. No matter what sort of tone you're looking to get out of your bass guitar, it's a safe bet that Fender offers the perfect axe to deliver it.

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    Acoustic Guitars

    When it comes to brand recognition and a stellar reputation, it doesn't get much better than Fender. For 7 decades, they've been making some of the highest-regarded instruments and gear available. So it only makes sense that, when you're looking for a guitar, this should be the place you start. From traditional acoustic instruments to hybrids and 12-strings, both new and used, there is a whole world of acoustic guitar options available from Fender. Whether you're an amateur or a connoisseur, you're virtually guaranteed to find an instrument you'll want - or need - to add to your collection.

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    You know "The Fender Sound" when you hear a guitar played through a Fender amplifier. The clear, crystalline chime of a Twin Reverb, the overdriven saturation of a vintage Deluxe—each is an illustrious benchmark to which all other amplifiers are compared.

    Impressive in functionality, remarkable in flexibility, the Fender amplifier shines as a standalone tone machine or the corollary of your personal effects chain. Revered by Fender and non-Fender players, our amps are the ultimate medium of musical innovation—a blank canvas to color your tone in ways that only you can.

    The Fender sound isn’t just an auditory thing. It’s a feeling, an all-encompassing sensory experience—an incredible cultural mile-marker that, even after 60 years, still shakes you to your core.

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