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(Drum Hardware - Stands)

This Hi Hat stand by Yamaha features an advanced self-locking clutch mechanism that eliminates loose cymbals.

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Advanced Hi-hat Clutch : LC930A

Locking clutch eliminates loose cymbals. Angled lock key bolts make tightening easier.

Long and Short Rods

The height of the hi-hat cymbals can be adjusted between 800mm and 920mm. Both long and short length rods are available to accommodate lower settings.

Cymbal Holder and Angle Adjustment with Self Lock

The reversible design features felt on one side and rubber on the other, and can be switched according to you needs. Also, a newly designed angle adjustment screw automatically locks after adjustment to prevent loosening during performance.

Spring Tension Adjustment

Spring tension adjustment (the force that opens the top cymbal) is quick with the large dial. The new design makes it easy to rotate and an indicator located under the dial gives you a visual indication of the amount of tension set.

Big Rubber Feet and Spikes

A push-lock spike incorporated into the large rubber feet offer additional stopping power. Extending and retracting the spikes are as easy as pressing the push lock.

The New Design Footboard

The new wider pedal design provides a greater contact surface for your foot delivering a lighter feel and greater playability. Grip is enhanced in the heel section, and the pattern-less surface provides both moderate gripping and smooth movement. A weight balance on the end delivers great playability. Slim form allows closer setting of the double foot pedal.

Footboard Angle Adjustment

Pedal angle, when not depressed, can be set freely. This lets you align pedal height with other pedals such as in a double foot pedal setup. Rubber coated tie rods help to prevent pedal hopping.

Drum Key Holder

Keep your drum key in the handy holder on the stand's pipe.

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Compatibility Hi-Hat
Product Details • Adanced Hi-hat Clutch
• Longer Rod for higher setting is included
• Cymbal Angle Adjustment with Self Lock
• Spring Tension Adjustment
• Big Rubber Feet and Spikes
• The New Wider Pedal Design
• Footboard Angle Adjustment
• Drum Key Holder
Warranty 5 years limites warranty