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(Drum Hardware - Thrones)

The D-2500BR features a motorcycle-style cushion with cushy tuck-and-roll padding for supreme comfort and support. The slim backrest permits free arm movement and adjusts forward/backward and up/down for perfect lumbar support. A single Knob Bolt allows the backrest to attach and remove easily for quick setup and easy transport. The D-2500 is backrest “ready” and shares all the features of the D-2500BR but without the backrest.

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Product Details • Bracket: Exclusive LOCK / SPIN seat bracket
• Collar/Tuner: A Reversible StopLock allows you to LOCK the cushion or allow it to SPIN depending on your preference.
• High Density Foam Cushions: Ideal hardness for optimum support
• Height: The throne has a height range of 19.49" - 26.18"