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SBX2F57 Stage Custom (Cranberry)
(Drum Kits - Acoustic)

As with the introduction of Stage Custom in 1995 YAMAHA once again sets the standards of value and sound. The new Stage Custom inherits 100% birch wood, with upgraded metal parts.

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100% Birch Shells

The shell is a key factor in a drum's ability to "rumble," or resonate. Accordingly, the Stage Custom employs 100% birch - a classic in the realm of high-class drum kits. Moreover, with its six-ply structure the Stage Custom accurately conveys the vibrations produced at the impact surface, achieving performance that overwhelms anything in its class.


YESS mounts are designed to minimize contact between the shell and the mount to deliver a wider dynamic range and longer sustain.

Ball Mount & Clamp

A tribute to Yamaha design technology, our original ball mount and clamp has gone through very few modifications over the years. A large, ultra-hard resin ball sits in an attractive chromed housing, held in place with a titanium ergonomic wing bolt. It is the ultimate drummer-friendly mount, offering non-slip positioning virtually anywhere the drummer can imagine. Additionally, it permits tuning of the bottom head by simply rotating the drum.

Die-cast claw hook

New Stage Custom adopts Die-cast claw hooks with rubber insertion plates to reduce noises.

BD Leg with Stopper

Bass drum legs of Stage Custom have the stoppers to make setting easier.

Additional Air Holes

Historically, most drums have been vented with a single air hole. Yamaha engineers studied bass drum dynamics and, with the Absolute Series, provided the customary top vent hole one the player's side, and then added holes located around the front end of the shell. The additional air holes permit additional air, the result of "internal combustion", to escape, providing a distinctly more comfortable beater action, more controllable on the rebound. The reduction in beater vibration and backlash in particularly noticeable when an intact head without a hole is used on the audience side.

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Shells • 22x17"Bass Drum
• 14x5.5" Snare
Tom Sizes:
• 10x08"
• 12x09"
• 16x16"
Color Red
Additional Information • 100% Birch Shells
• Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System - YESS
• Die-cast claw hooks
• BD leg with stopper
• Boom Cymbal Stands adopt a new boom tilter design for improved stability and adjustability.
• A center tilter that can be set for highly accurate cymbal positioning and player articulation.
• The YESS specification floor-tom bracket, incorporating a wing bolt
• Improved snare basket adjustment mechanism.
Accessories Included Yamaha HW780 Hardware Pack:
• 2x CS-755 Boom Cymbal Stand
• HS-740A Hi-Hat Stand
• SS-740A Snare Stand
• FP-7210A Foot Pedal