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1001 RB
(Amplifiers - Bass)

With 700W + 50W the 1001 RB is capable of driving multiple cabinets with ease while maintaining sound integrity and response at the highest sound levels. Link it up to two RBH horn-loaded cabinets and you've got a full stage unit that'll rock any house.

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Bi-amp Flexibility

Unique Horn Bi-Amp system sends the high frequencies to the horn through a separate 50W amplifier. This has many advantages: The horn level is controlled from the front panel. The horn is not overpowered by the larger amp so failures are reduced. When the woofer amp hits the rails (growl) the horn stays clean.

Tone Shaping

4 band active EQ and voicing filters based on the classic 800RB provide extensive tone shaping capability


Balanced DI with level control, Pre/Post and Ground Lift switches to feed the house, Tuner output, FX Loop for connecting outboard accessories on the front. And two 1/4 inch speaker jacks and two twist lock speaker connectors to ensure reliable and safe cabinet connections, mounted in the rear.

Analog Power

Analog power amp and power supply deliver classic feel and 700 Watts of hard hitting punch.

Rugged Construction

Double sided boards ensure stable performance under the most rigorous tour conditions.

Harmonic Complexity

Boost control adds tube like harmonics and signature "GK growl" using G.I.V.E. technology.

Big Iron

Analog power amp and toroidal transformer provide the current required to control the speakers at high volume.

Variable Q

Inherited from the 800RB, this unique design varies the EQ bandwidth to retain a musical response even at extreme settings.

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Power Output 700 W
Impedance 4 ohms
Inputs • 1 x Instrument
Outputs • 2 x Speaker
• 2 x Speakon
• 1 x XLR
• 1 x Tuner
Power Source • 120 Volt/60Hz
Supplied Accessories • Rack Mount Ears with Hardware
• Power Cord
• Owner's Manual
• Warranty Card
Width 19 inch(es) / 48.26 cm
Height 3.5 inch(es) / 8.89 cm
Depth 8 inch(es) / 20.32 cm
Weight 22 lb(s) / 9.98 kg